We CAN prevent runaway climate change!

The climate danger is the greatest threat facing humankind. Recent science indicates that our best chance to preserve a stable climate is to bring carbon emissions to ZERO - very quickly - all over the world.

There is a way to achieve this: an Operation Climate Victory, an emergency wartime-style mobilization of the nations of the world to rewire the entire global economy to run on abundant, non-polluting sources of energy that will never run out, and upgrade agriculture to pull carbon from the air. We can do it while maintaining a modern technological society, and we can do it in far less time than most people think is possible. We can do it!

Today's children will live with the
consequences of what we do now
about climate change.

Very few people understand the urgency of the situation. The CO2 we have put into the atmosphere is pushing the planet close to crossing a climate "point of no return," even though the weather around us has only changed moderately so far. Not acting immediately would cast a long and very dark shadow over the lives of our children, grandchildren, and many generations after them.

The way for us to make this happen is to spread the word about the urgency of the situation, and how the world can solve it, so can all demand from our leaders the kind of action that will fix the problem. That's why we created Climatevictory.org, as a beginner's guide to global warming science and solutions. It's all in bite-size nuggets, so you can learn, and pass it on to others.

Join the fun! Just a few minutes and a few clicks will do far more than a lifetime's worth of buying energy-efficient light bulbs or driving a hybrid car. In fact, this is might be the most important thing you will ever do.

It's up to us. Let's make this happen!

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