About Us/Contact

We created Climatevictory.org after making two realizations.

The first was learning just how urgent the climate situation is. Climate lags and feedbacks together create a ticking time bomb for humanity, and hardly anyone outside the scientific community seems to understand the danger, or the need for immediate action.

The other realization was that modern technology has already created the tools to fix this problem (along with revival of some old technologies). These tools just need to be implemented on a massive scale, very quickly, in order to fix the problem while there still is time.

We looked and looked for some website or other information source that would have this information all in one place, with the idea that when we found it, we could direct all our friends to it, as a way of building support for the needed action on climate.

The information is all available, but it's scattered in hundreds of scientific papers and books. Some climate-science blogs do an excellent job of covering the issue, but the problem with a blog is it's a blog: items disappear into the chronological archive, which is difficult to navigate for someone just wanting to learn the basics.

Astonishingly, we couldn't find a single website that clearly laid out for beginners the urgency of the problem, a vision for how humanity can fix it, and an action plan for the individual to make it happen. So we made our own website.

Climatevictory.org is just beginning. It's still rough around the edges, but there's lots more on the way. Please spread the word, and we'd love to hear any comments, feedback, or suggestions for how to make the site better. Thanks for helping to preserve a livable climate for our kids, grandkids, and many generations after them.

climatevictory350 "at" gmail "dot" com